Prior to formal launch, the company created it's mission and nine guiding principles. Key today--to The Road Club--is Principle Number 6..."We Will Have Fun". 

The Mission of the EH Road Club...is to make sure we implement this Principle Number 6...of having fun.


The roots to the Road Club were established at the launch of the Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Company in 1993, as the company early on adopted motorcycle industry events and fostered new events to help promote brand awareness for the  motorcycles to be built.  Additionally, it is the fun part of the company...the chance to promote and attend rallies..at the grassroots level.

Many of you reading this have been involved or heard of Excelsior-Henderson for some time, so you also either know of or have been part of the longer story, and have heard of the Road Crew. Maybe you met the company at an event, maybe you were a Road Crew member, maybe an honorary Road Crew member by volunteering to help out at an event, or maybe you were an attendee at our public unveiling of our prototype motorcycles in Sturgis 1996 or Daytona Bike Week 1997. Those of you are part of the longer story, the trials and tribulations of building an independent proprietary American Made OEM motorcycle...from the ground up...The Road Crew.

In honor of the Road Crew name and legacy, the Road Club adopts the Road name for the Club, and the grass roots involvement of the events and rallies--past, present, and future--is carried on with owners and riders...through the Road Club.

Each Road Crew member proudly carried their Mission and Principles card, which was provided to them at the time they joined the company.  It is from these Principles, that we adopt ours...Principle Number 6. The rest of them are pretty good too, so you might want to check them out. They are timeless principles, intended to endure forever.

The rest of the longer story can be found on our Excelsior-Henderson company website.


The Road Club (EHRC) is the only Official riders/owners/aficionados club of Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles.  We are the only licensed EH rider's club, sponsored and supported by the company, and not to be confused with any other. All expenses to manage the Club come from Road Club memberships, sales of merchandise, and from corporate funding.

Previously, the company was the catalyst to launch a chapter in Minnesota, and provided permission to use trademarks...the group drifted and is no longer licensed. We welcome all former members, and continue to move forward with positive experiences on our Super X's. Mother time will determine whether the Road Club will need any formally structured local chapters. Certainly it is encouraged to have local riders active with each other, and that is indeed part of the purpose of the Road Club...to foster the experience of owning/riding a Super X...whether internationally or locally.

The Road Club encourages local, national, and international activities or events to encourage the fellowship of the Club. Also, the Club may hold a weekend Annual Reunion Homecoming in Belle Plaine, MN the true birthplace of the motorcycles we all ride.  The community of Belle Plaine is proud of their part in motorcycle history and welcomes our presence.


You do not need to own an Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle...just the desire to belong to the Club. Why? Well, not everyone may own or ride a Super X at a particular point in time, however if they have the desire to, over time most will buy and ride one -- or maybe they did previously.  Some might like to join to be with a buddy or family member, and some just like to join and wear cool apparel. Also, some people simply like to be involved with things of interest to them...like the Tucker or DeLorean motor clubs.

Members will be notified of periodic web or phone conferences,video chats, Skype meetings, Facebook, social media, etc...so that we may all stay connected, especially our friends across the pond in Sweden and other countries. We will discuss technical issues, upcoming events, and some history lessons on the bikes and brand...like where did the term BigX come from?  How about FIREITUP? And why does Winchester have Super X shotgun shells?


The Club is self-managed by it's membership.  Board membership terms are for a two-year period and is elected by the membership in accordance with The Club Declaration and Code.  Electronic voting is allowed so all members have the opportunity to vote and presence is not required at a meeting.  We have online meetings and in-person meetings. Participation is encouraged.


This is your club, and any efforts you can provide on behalf of the Club will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps you or your family can help plan an afternoon ride, or breakfast. Or a Sunday service ride. Or a weekend gathering. Or a night at the casino. Or join the Board and help with the management and guidance of The Club. Or maybe you own a printing business and can assist with Club merchandise. Or maybe you have technical knowledge you can share.  Or maybe you can be the Road Captain for a local/national/international event. There is no financial reward, only reward is personal pride and satisfaction. The goal is to have you involved as little or as much as you like, recognizing at different times in life you will be able to.

Please let us know if you can help out...and any effort is appreciated.

...Thank you for joining us at the Official Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles Road Club...

"Always Makes Good."